Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a heroic beer, fighting thirst! – How we created a stand-out brand identity for a 100-year-old brewery.

The Story

Working on the Sadler’s Ales fruit pale ale range was truly a blast! Not only because we got to work with one of the UK’s oldest breweries, but also because we got to finally flex our illustration skills on something big!


Designing a brand ID for a very cool market depends a whole lot on the visual content its overall ability to shout out from a very busy marketplace. Being given reign to be creative made it that much easier to create an eye catching range of packaging. As our concept, we decided to go with the “marvel-esque” heroic theme and wrapped up the entire range with that comic-book feeling to celebrate that Sadler’s is starting a fruit-beer revolution. We also looked to vintage communist propaganda for inspiration. We wanted the consumer to have a strong sense of the brand, its new products and the overall campaign aesthetic, so we matched mono illustration with the colourful imagery of the fruit.